Henry & Penny Dog Treats began with the realization that the market was flooded with dog treats which mostly contained artificial or processed ingredients. We found that additives like corn syrup, sodium bisulfate or yellow #5 are used in the same treats that claim to be healthy for your dog. Even foods that are labeled “all-natural”, “organic” and “healthy” contain ingredients like chicken, corn or cheese – which are fine for dogs but not exactly the best thing they can eat from a nutritional standpoint. For example, Henry is obsessed with cheese, but too much of it can make his tummy hurt!


Henry & Penny Healthy Grain Free Dog Treats were created by combining the highest quality ingredients such as real sweet potatoes, pumpkin, coconut flour and blueberries.  The treats are also corn, soy, wheat and preservative free. They are great as a succulent snack for your dog; all while providing them necessary nutrients that can help regulate their digestive and allergic issues.


Breakfast?! YES PLEASE!!!


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Henry & Penny couldn’t agree more! That is why they decided to bake their own scrumptious dog treats modeled after human breakfast foods. Now you can feed your dogs yummy and healthy snacks with H&P Dog Treats any time of the day!


Our bakery is fully inspected, licensed & certified, as well as being USDA and AAFCO compliant. Unfortunately, Henry & Penny aren’t allowed in!! Our ingredients are all sourced locally and Made in the USA!


These treats are suitable for any sized dog, anytime of the day or night. They offer high nutritional value, and it doesn’t hurt that they taste “paw-some” too 


We HOPE you’ll give our treats a try, but we’re SURE you’ll love them when you do!